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I have a number of existing monitors from different suppliers. Will these work on Enbox? arrow_forward_ios

Yes, provided the monitors can send data to our FTP site, or via SMS, then we can integrate the monitors on to the system.  One of the unique features of Enbox is the ability to connect multiple monitors so you are not tied to one monitor supplier. 

How many monitors can I connect to your system? arrow_forward_ios

As many as you need.  Enbox can handle any number of noise monitors, vibration meters,air quality and weather systems and all of the information is presented on the one website.

How much does it cost? arrow_forward_ios

Please refer to our pricing page for standard costs. For any bespoke features, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Is there a minimum contract duration or minimum number of monitors? arrow_forward_ios

No, there are no minimums, we will be pleased to provide details for any smaller short term monitoring requirements.

My current system limits the number of alerts I can set and the number of people I can send text alerts to arrow_forward_ios

Enbox has its own dedicated SMS server and can send text alerts to any number of users.   We currently have over 100 users, covering a number of worksites, set to receive alerts on one of our projects.  Similarly, Enbox is not limited to the number of alerts that can be set.

Is my data safe? arrow_forward_ios

Absolutely.  We use a dedicated data centre server with RAID mirrored drives, full system backups every night with the backups in a separate server facility. Enbox also uses an encrypted HTTPS site to ensure safe website communication.

One of my monitors does not have modem. Can I still get my data onto Enbox? arrow_forward_ios

Historic data, or data from monitors that are manually downloaded can still be uploaded to Enbox.  Depending on the monitor we may need to translate the data but this is easily done and we’ll work with you to get your data on line.

My contract requires me to track Noise Insulation and Temporary Rehousing Exceedences. arrow_forward_ios

Many projects have temporal criteria for providing Noise Insulation and Temporary Rehousing (such as 10 days in any 15 or 40 days in any 6 months).  It can be laborious and costly trying to track these by spreadsheet so Enbox tracks them automatically and highlights when you are close to exceeding the criteria.

I want to use to audio to record wav files for high-noise events. arrow_forward_ios

Audio can be a very useful tool for identifying the cause of exceedences.  Many monitors allow wav files to be recorded if a set trigger level is exceeded.  These wav files are transferred along with the measurement data and can be played directly from the Enbox site.

Can I give limited access to site operatives and the local authority? arrow_forward_ios

In Enbox you can give different permissions to different users, controlling what they view, what functions they have access to and what they can change.

How can Enbox be used to help me remain below my noise limits? arrow_forward_ios

Because the Enbox system is real-time, alerts can be sent to site operatives before noise limits are breached, to allow the works to be modified.  Enbox uses intelligent amber alerts to send warnings at the optimal time to allow works to be modified before noise limits are exceeded.

The noise monitor I purchased came with the manufacturer’s web based system – why don’t I just use that? arrow_forward_ios

If the manufacturer's system does everything you need it to then fine, but if it doesn’t, the chances are the manufacturer may not be able to modify it. The Enbox system has been created by acoustic consultants with vast experience of construction works and is specifically designed for construction sites. Enbox will probably already do what you need it to but if not, we can tailor it to your specific needs.

What kind of track record does Enbox have? arrow_forward_ios

Enbox is currently in use on some of the largest and most complex construction projects in the UK, including Crossrail and Tideway.  It has a very large user database and large number of monitors already connected.

What if I require something that Enbox doesn’t do? arrow_forward_ios

Enbox is constantly being developed as a result of feedback from our users.  If you need a feature specifically for one of your projects, please talk to us.  We can either develop it specifically for your project, or if we think it will benefit all our users, the chances are we will develop it for free.

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